Analysis of a clockwork orange

Here is the abstract. Beyond its cinematic worth the intense violence and misogyny it embodies and suggests, however, the film reveals much about the then and now contemporary attitudes towards criminal punishment prevailing in western democracies. The film remains, in some sense, timeless for these reasons.

Analysis of a clockwork orange

The same happens with literature too, depending on the phase and time in your life. A Clockwork Orange is a film about MK Ultraand not only that, it is about the truest, fullest and most dangerous aspect the years of programs under that moniker — that pop culture itself is a Analysis of a clockwork orange of that mind control, that the masses are actually a kind of Alex deLarge writ large.

Me textspeak makes me gulliver want to return eggiwegs upon your table, good sir. Orwell warned of the disintegration of the language in and Burgess acquiesced, but could either have ever foreseen the shit emoji? Alex, we are to believe, is utterly brutish and depraved, aside from this one, mysterious high culture fascination.

The snake, the Jesus statues and the sex imagery. Before we come to that, other cultural comments stood out to me. Avant Garde pornographic art everywhere, and receptacles that are tits? Of course, if you put a Chocolate Milk Bar in a low-income, minority area, it would be edgy, especially if the mammaries also dispensed Kool-Aid.

Dude, have you heard the new Heaven 17 and Cyclops? While pop culture is much older than the s, Burgess knew it would be a powerful social engineering force in the dystopian future, and I believe this scene is crucial for interpreting the rest of the film.

What Alex is forced to watch, strapped down as he undergoes the Ludovico Treatment, is his own droogs killing a man and raping a woman. For those interested, I have an entire chapter in my book Esoteric Hollywood on this topic, which can be purchased here.

In fact, the film even carries this point much deeper, elucidating that the liberal, behaviorist conception from a Skinner or a Watson that man can be perfected and engineered into something docile and obedient to the whims of the state-god is merely a demythologized, emasculated Christianity applied to the state.

The real power of this research was in its use for mass psychology and social engineering. This is why so many of the MK Ultra doctors were involved in psychology, pharmacology, academic research, psychiatry, medicine, etc. It was not primarily a series of programs focused on sexy snipers and head shots, but on the psyche, from a pragmatic, materialistic perspective.

It is chiefly under this scientistic facade it was able to become so anti-human. With the prevalence of sexual and pornographic art throughout the dystopia, we can deduce the normalization of sexual traumatization and abuse, possibly even pedophilia. Alex, we see, is a subject of sexual-based traumatized mind control throughout his whole life.

Western civilization, since the time of the Greeks, has consistently fallen back into this pagan notion — popularized by the Greek philosophers and even the pre-Socratics — that the only reason man does wrong is a lack of education.

On the other hand, if man is not what these stupid and contradictory worldviews say, and is made in the image of a divine Creator, endowed with a logos and a soul, then man has the capacity for free will. Simon and Comte, who continued the Illuminist tradition of socialism, communism, rationalism and scientism.

This ideology, adopted by the Royal Society and the modern scientistic establishment, as well as most of modernity, is based on MK Ultra. Subscribe to JaysAnalysis for more by clicking on this image!

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A Clockwork Orange (Film) study guide contains a biography of Stanley Kubrick, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Essays and criticism on Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange - Critical Essays.

A Clockwork Orange Film Analysis Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange was a deeply disturbing depiction of human nature that shed light onto dark thoughts in the character's soul.

Alex seems to have no regard for human decency or human life. Analysis of Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange Stanley Kubrick's film production of the Anthony Burgess novel, A Clockwork Orange, is a truly unforgettable film.

It is narrated by one of the most vicious characters ever put on screen, Alex DeLarge.

Analysis of a clockwork orange

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Analysis - A Clockwork Orange