Cuc cendant corporation fraudulent financial reporting

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Cuc cendant corporation fraudulent financial reporting

Fraudulent Financial Reporting Author: Second, a perceived opportunity to commit fraud may exist when an individual believes internal control can be overridden. This can be shown if an individual is in a position of trust or has knowledge of specific deficiencies in internal control.

Third, attitudes and rationalization contribute to commitment of a fraudulent act y Individuals. Some Individuals have a set of ethical values, an attitude or characters that allow them to commit fraudulent act knowingly and Intentionally.

However, even honest Individuals may be tempted to commit fraud In an environment that pressurized them tremendously. Ramose, 3 Which factors existed during the through audits of CUE that created an environment conductive for fraud? In case study, the perceived opportunity to perpetrate a fraud also happen In which CUE has made various year-end adjustments to incorporate the misstatements requirements to amend its financial statements by the Securities and Exchange Commission several times, CUE has fraud the financial figures for year-end reporting purposes.

Finally, the attitudes and rationalization to Justify a fraud also shown in the case study where the top management of CUE showed high enthusiasm to maximize the share price of the company to shown that it is a profit-making company.

AAA What responsibility does an auditor have related to each of these five components? Auditors are responsible for the evaluation of whether a culture of ethical behavior and honesty have been created and maintained by the management.

If an entity has established a process of intensifying business risks, estimating their significance and probability and responsive actions to deal with the risks, the auditor has to grasp the full process.

Regarding information system, auditors have to comprehend the entity communication of financial reporting roles and responsibilities and significant matters relating to financial reporting.

Auditors have to understand and evaluate effectiveness of control activities in preventing, detecting and correcting errors. They have to determine the control ability to reduce risk and ensure policies are enforced within business processes.

Following that, their implementation can be determined via walk-through method. Thirdly, auditors have to evaluate whether those controls are performing according to the plan Singleton, Auditors are required to ascertain main activities that are utilized by an entity to monitor internal control over financial reporting and audits.

In addition, they have to identify corrective measures that will be imposed by the entity to the deficiencies in internal controls. B One component of internal control is the entity control environment.

Cuc cendant corporation fraudulent financial reporting

What factors should an auditor consider when evaluating the control environment? The first factor involves enforcement and communication of integrity and ethical values.

They should be a discrete entity with the management. This involves their attitude in dealing with business risk, financial reporting and accounting policies. An aggressive management is prone to manipulation and window-dressing.

Auditors should consider organizational structure which is the framework for entities to plan, execute, control and review objectives. It highlights the key areas of responsibilities and authority of management and sets proper reporting lines.

The following factor involves assignment of responsibility and authority to appropriate personnel. The management has to ensure sufficient reporting relationship and proper authorization hierarchy.

Cuc cendant corporation fraudulent financial reporting

This includes recruitment, evaluating, training, compensation and remedial actions. CUE incurred misstatement technique through various year- end adjustments.


A Provide an example where management override occurred in the Ascendant fraud.Background on Cendant Corporation and its Accounting fraud. How the financial fraud was detected. Remedies implemented after detection.

Possible remedies to prevent a recurrence. Whistle blowers, Casper Sabatino former vice president of accounting and financial reporting and steven Speaks vice.

Jun 20,  · The Cendant Corporation contended in a court filing yesterday that the accounting firm Ernst & Young knew of widespread fraud at CUC International, a predecessor to Cendant. Cendant Corporation was a consumer services conglomerate formed in December by a $14 billion merger between two companies — HFS Inc.

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and CUC International. former CUC head Walter Forbes asked Silverman to maintain the former CUC’s financial reporting processes. When asked in court about their roles in the fraud, Cendant’s. Cendant Corporation: The Merger of CUC and HFS Fraud The two main categories of fraud that affect financial reporting are fraudulent financial reporting and misappropriation of assets.

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The litigation results from the Commission's investigation of a long-running financial fraud that began at CUC in the s and continued until its discovery and disclosure by Cendant in April Upon disclosure of the fraud, the price of Cendant common stock plummeted, causing billions of dollars in losses for investors.

litigation release no. / june 14, enforcement action against former top financial officers and managers at cuc international in connection with massive financial fraud at cuc and cendant corporation - financial reporting action brought against cendant former cuc financial reporting managers, regarding charges arising from .

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