Dbq on olympics

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Dbq on olympics

The past is never dead. It's not even past.

Ever since the first civilizations, people were very sexist. Women had very little rights and suffered from inequality. Because of this, it is important that females had the opportunity to take part in the games.

This equality impacted the way people viewed feminism and sexism. When females proved to be as strong as and even stronger than males, people supported women participants.

Dbq on olympics

This continued to encourage even more female athletes to join the Olympics, shaping the games into a non-discriminating event. Many countries suffered from the consumption of war and used the Olympics as a way to bring their country together again.

As countries found solidarity in the games, they also found that the Olympics was another way to create peace with other countries. The Olympics grew as athletes from their own countries traveled to new lands and competed through sports instead of battles and war.

This continuous movement of athletes across different countries allowed them to also create new social contacts. Some countries would even become more powerful and wealthy as others became aware of which star athletes came from which country.

Unity blossomed between a country and itself at first, but eventually this grew to become the unity of all the countries. This proves that the Olympics are a way for athletes and people from all around the world to come together, connecting all of us in some kind of way.

Modern-day Olympics include athletes of all types of genders, age, size, and ethnicities. As mentioned before, wars created a lot of issues for many countries during the earlier Olympic Games.

Failure to do well in the games was believed to doom your country. As the Olympics grew, the urge to beat another country just turned into being proud of where you came from.

Nationalism is still present in modern Olympics, but only in such extent that it does not involve settling wars. This leads to how we all view the Olympics today.

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Every four years, we all gather around a television to watch as some of our own do their best to show their skills and represent our country.The Olympic Games in anTiquiTy inTrOducTiOn 4 The principle of the Truce has been revived for the modern Olympic Games.

During sporting contests, it was considered that victory was accorded by the gods. This is the biggest difference with the modern Olympic Games, which are non-religious.

T O m. DBQ for many reasons, but first of all because many students reversed the cause-effect relationship from the prompt and discussed the impact of the Olympics on women’s rights or nationalism instead of what the prompt required. Document Based Question Continuity and Change The initial goal of the modern Olympics planned in was to promote world peace, but from to issues such as corporate profit, the rise of nationalism and feminism, as well as cold war issues Writing Essays for the APWH exam Author.

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