Effects of vandalism in school

Listen When you damage something that is not yours it is called criminal damage.

Effects of vandalism in school

Why do teens engage in vandalism? There are a number of reasons why a teen might vandalize property. They could be bowing down to peer pressure. Someone dared them to do it, or the girl they like admires someone else who vandalizes, or perhaps it could be part of an initiation in a gang. Sometimes teens make poor decisions when they are bored.

Effects of vandalism in school

For example, a teen might view stealing a street sign as a fun way to pass time where no one gets hurt. Another reason could be for revenge. A teen is angry at someone and tries to get back at that person by damaging their property.

Finally, it is possible in the case of graffiti, that the teen considers their vandalism as a form of self-expression or art. How does a parent know if their teen is engaging in vandalism? Unfortunately, vandalism is very easy for a teen to hide.

Vandalism: Effects of vandalisms in our community and schools

We also offer some prevention tips at the end of this article. How does a parent explain the problems vandalism cause? It is important that parents explain how to distinguish pranks from vandalism. Help them see the ramifications of their actions. Explain to them that vandalism costs taxpayers a lot of money because the property must be repaired and the crime must be investigated.

That takes money away from other important things that your teen may care about. For example, because the school has to use money to cover up graffiti, they may have to cut out art programs.

Effects of Vandalism in Schools - New York Essays

Besides repairing damage, there are other high costs to teen vandalism. Publicly viewable vandalism changes the atmosphere of a place.

Effects of vandalism in school

It may give the impression that the people in the area do not value their space and that the area is not well-protected and perhaps unsafe. When they have to scrape off the gross, dried egg and they see that it takes off paint, the message will be loud and clear. If they are caught, they can be charged with a crime and that will stain their permanent record as they try to go to college and start a career.May 01,  · Essay About Vandalism in School School: Teacher and Schools - Words.

A school is a place where people go to learn. In a school, one or more teachers or professors help pupils or students with learning.

the causes, impacts, costs, and types of school vandalism are examined. a consideration of factors in planning and developing a vandalism control program is also presented. abstract: schools present an excellent target for vandalism because they are easily accessible public and secular places which are frequently unoccupied.

several objectives: • Define vandalism • To analyse the social problem of vandalism in Malaysia • Consider what makes people commit acts of vandalism • Examine the impact on the community • Discuss strategies to prevent vandalism Structure of the report This report start with define the meaning of one of the social problems in Malaysia which is vandalism and more information about vandalism.

Vandalism affects people's quality of life, as it damages and destroys things that people care for or need. According to FindLaw, some of the effects of vandalism include graffiti, damage to vehicles, broken windows and damage or destruction of websites.

Vandalism Followers. Blog Archive (7) March (7) Conclusion for this topic Effects of vandalisms in our community and schools The visitors who visit the school will have a bad impression on that school as the certain place is vandalised.

Also your parents and school would be told. Now, from what you learnt at Crucial Crew and on Crucial Crew online, test yourself and learn how to deal with criminal damage problems.

Little Jonny is a naughty boy who keeps on getting in to trouble because he has been damaging other people's property.

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