Fight for unity platform issue essay

We believe in accountability and justice in cases of police brutality and ending racial profiling and targeting of communities of color. It is our moral imperative to dismantle the gender and racial inequities within the criminal justice system. This means open access to safe, legal, affordable abortion and birth control for all people, regardless of income, location or education.

Fight for unity platform issue essay

Black Lives Matter activists march in St.

A Fight for Freedom Essay example - A Fight for Freedom The Declaration of Independence had a single purpose – to declare America’s freedom from Britain’s tyranny. Thomas Jefferson crafted a strongly worded document that served this purpose but it was almost lost in the multiple styles he used. Engagement to this platform issue came about after recognizing the effects of racism within the American state. We will write a custom essay sample on Fight for unity-Platform issue . A Democratic View On Abortion An Analysis the Democrat Party Plank The Democrats say, “out of many, we are one” (Democratic Party Platform | 1). The Democrats’ platform shows how strongly they stand for this. They stand to fight for a world that the warrant of unity and how if we get treated with the same things we are stronger as a whole.

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Fight for unity platform issue essay

One commonly asked question about this moment in black-led organizing—what some broadly refer to as the Black Lives Matter movement—is what its participants want.

Ad Policy What may seem at first glance like dreamy rhetoric that lacks the teeth to ensure real change is actually a tool kit.

The Movement for Black Lives, a coalition of more than 50 organizations representing black people nationwide, made the policy platform and accompanying website public on August 1.

But the BLM vision statement offers greater depth for readers who want to know how to translate the words into grassroots action. What may seem at first glance like sweeping rhetoric that lacks the specific teeth to ensure real change is actually a tool kit for anyone ready to do the long-term work of running local, state, or national advocacy campaigns.

Some of these campaigns are already active but unknown to people new to organizing and activism. The BLM vision statement seeks to change that by highlighting existing campaigns powered by online petitions alongside the policy platform. Among these is the campaign to replace County Attorney John Choi with an independent prosecutor in the shooting death of Philando Castile, who was killed by a police officer in the St.

Paul suburb of Falcon Heights last month. Together, they set out to answer the question: This piece was updated on August 10,for inclusion in our print edition. Authors of the BLM statement say that policy development is just one of many necessary tactics. But articulating a set of demands and then advocating for those demands to be met are critical, too.

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Engagement to this platform issue came about after recognizing the effects of racism within the American state. We will write a custom essay sample on Fight for unity-Platform issue . Fighting racism, sexism and anti-LGBT bigotry is not a distraction from building a united struggle but a precondition for building a united struggle.

All Malaysians must bear responsibility to help achieve stronger integration and a more robust national grupobittia.comians must do this by preserving and protecting its many divers religions festivals and grupobittia.comving and protecting this is part and parcel of our shared broader goals of achieving integration and national attaining these goals,all Malaysians must bear a collective.

Fight for unity platform issue essay

Bernie Sanders On the Issues. The American people must make a fundamental decision.

After a year of planning, members of the movement have released a comprehensive platform.

Do we continue the year decline of our middle class and the growing gap between the very rich and everyone else, or do we fight for a progressive economic agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment and provides health care for all?

In unity, the joy of one is the joy of all, and the hurt of one is the hurt of all; the honor of one is the honor of all. What does unity look like in a person?

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