Gertrudes suicide

He is told that his sister was seen to clamber into the willow, upon a branch which broke, out of mere spitefulness says the Queen 1. Laertes might well inquire who the witnesses were. No, nor anyone else. The whole passage is absurd, and as undramatic as it could be, if it is regarded as the account of the actual death of Ophelia.

Gertrudes suicide

Even the inciting incident of the play—the ghost of King Hamlet instructing the prince to murder Claudius—is riddled with uncertainty: When I first read through the scene, I thought Gertrude to be another female character to fall victim to the folly of men—just as Ophelia does.

If she were a mirror or foil of Ophelia, and was unaware of the poison, then Gertrude Gertrudes suicide because the men surrounding her are too caught up in their own concerns to think on the consequences of their actions.

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But I prefer another reading. Ophelia and Gertrude fit the enduring architype of the virgin-whore dichotomy. Gertrude, an act earlier, says: So full of artless jealousy is guilt, It spills itself in fearing to be spilt. Thus, we know that Gertrude has reached a breaking point. So when the king demands that she not drink from the goblet, and she blatantly refuses, I would read this as a guilt-ridden women finally acting in defiance towards the one who has perpetuated her guilt.

If Gertrude did kill herself, it would establish a connection between a desire for suicide and each of the characters that Hamlet truly loves—Ophelia, Gertrude, and Horatio; Ophelia would drown herself, Gertrude would poison herself, and Horatio would search out the goblet so that he could follow Hamlet into death.

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Gertrude's innocence or guilt is not really an issue in the play. She, like Cleopatra, is a character of ambiguous morality whom we can never fully know; but whereas Antony and Cleopatra continually invites our judgment of Cleopatra, Hamlet continually deflects our impulse to judge Gertrude.

Gertrudes suicide

Gertrude observes that Hamlet is not his usual self, and she feels responsible because her remarriage is so soon after her old husbands death. This makes Gertrude feel absolutely terrible and could be a possible justification for suicide. Gertrude’s Suicide?

Gertrudes suicide

In the Shakespearean tragedy "Hamlet," Prince Hamlet’s mother Gertrude encounters many misfortunes, which she feels that she is to blame for.

Gertrude was brought into the middle of everybody’s dilemmas and thus felt responsible for the occurrences that happened to all of the significant characters throughout the play.

The Ambiguity Surrounding Gertrude’s Death | Fall Shakespeare I: Team 7