Good corporate citizenship and political competence

Senior executives from a variety of organizations are often called to testify about health policy issues. In general terms, what knowledge, skills, and individual behaviors must an executive have to be politically competent and to be good corporate citizens? How would you describe it e. What did the organization do or not do to achieve this level of corporate citizenship?

Good corporate citizenship and political competence

Kim Cloete Creamer Media Correspondent A string of corporate governance failures and climate change challenges have cranked up the pressure on companies to become better corporate citizens and take care of the environment they are operating in.

Political Competence and Good Corporate Citizenship

Advertisement Indeed, President Cyril Ramaphosa has promised to tackle the problems facing State-owned enterprises, including rooting out corruption, restoring their financial position and rebuilding and strengthening governance.

South Africans are keeping a closer watch over both government entities and companies, aware that the fog of corruption, including governance-threatening State capture, still needs to be cleared. The strong message is starting to have an impact.

A number of guidelines and laws are in place to help ensure that companies are good corporate citizens.

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The recently amended King IV Code aims to encourage true ethical and effective leadership, rather just ticking boxes for the sake of compliance, says Centre for Corporate Governance of the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa executive director Parmi Natesan. But, while its intentions are good, King IV remains a voluntary code.

It is for this reason that King IV places so much emphasis on creating an ethical culture and mindset. The survival and success of organisations are intertwined with the economy, society and the natural environment. Investors are also starting to realise that it pays to be more sustainable.

Through their influence on society, companies also have a wider responsibility. Beyond CSI Some companies may be tempted to channel their good deeds mostly through corporate social investment CSIbut Madonsela says even the most vigorous CSI effort cannot compensate for a business that is underpaying its employees or suppliers, or overcharging its customers.

Health and environmental concerns are also top of mind, particularly in the wake of the listeriosis outbreak, which led to the deaths of over people. But there are signs that some companies and industries are getting it right, or at least are well on the road to doing so.

South African companies have often been ahead of their global peers.

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However, the most recent report showed signs that momentum was slowing. While vital to cutting carbon emissions, climate change can be difficult to get a handle on. It also means paying attention to innovations in business models and being ready to adapt in order to ensure long-term viability.

They are also getting their value chains in order. An excellent example is carpet company Interface, which has developed a full, circular, take-back model for its products. WWF-SA has been working with Woolworths to meet more stringent sustainability targets and to use fresh water and energy more efficiently in its supply chain.

It also ensures the sustainable source of seafood and dairy and beef products, as well as sugar and palm oil. She tells Engineering News that getting companies within a sector to work together for the greater good is more challenging.

But we are seeing indications of this. One example is the Responsible Fisheries Alliance, where the five largest fishing companies are working together with the WWF and Birdlife to address ecological health of the marine resource on which they all depend.

The office park has one of the biggest roof-mounted integrated photovoltaic plants in the world, capable of producing nearly two-million kilowatt hours of power each year from its 5 modules. Hard lessons have also been learnt from the recent drought, particularly in the Western Cape.

Water Research Commission CEO Dhesigen Naidoo says it is encouraging to see how more companies are recognising the value of being sustainable. Sustainability indices in many exchanges around the world have become the core parameter of a new investment formula.

This has filtered through to the corporate world. Investing in more sustainable practices could have long-term spin-offs. Madonsela cites the African proverb: Being proactive and innovative in the way companies handle water, waste and energy could also have a lasting effect on the communities in which we live and work.Abstract.

Good corporate citizenship and political competence

This articles uses the reception and resettlement programme of Ugandan Asians in –3 as a lens through which to explore the intersection of post-colonialism and ideas of good citizenship, individual political engagement and voluntarism.

Assignment: Senior executives from a variety of organizations are often called to testify about health policy issues. It is in the organization's best interest if these executives are both politically competent and good corporate citizens.

Corporate citizenship is one of our top priorities. To see all the good we did in and some of our goals for the future, download our Corporate CITIZENSHIP REPORTS. CITIZENSHIP REPORT Executive Summary Past Citizenship Reports.

Although it is true that many business leaders mean what they say about good corporate citizenship, political challenge of the first order.

Settling such questions exceeds both the competence. Citizenship as legal status is what makes global citizenship conceivable, since there is no limit to the potential extension of rights, while the political dimension of citizenship presupposes a concept of political community that is richer but more limited (Cohen , ).

Corporate citizenship is indispensable to a joint citizen-government agenda aimed at national development - Corporate citizenship and political competence Essay introduction.

It is the way through which the individual thinks of how to help the nation, and synthesizes productive ideas backed up with action in that regard.

African Approach to Corporate Citizenship