Kings theory of goal attainment in the clinical setting

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Kings theory of goal attainment in the clinical setting

The Imogene King theory of goal attainment is the structure that each of us uses to find that success. In order for you to find the perfect job, get the education you want, or support your family, you must have good health first. To achieve good health, there must be goals and processes set to support healthy living.

The theory of goal attainment is a guide for nurses to help their patients met those goals and processes so they can work toward their overall goals.

When nurses and patients set goals together and then take actionable steps to achieve those goals, any success has the possibility to be achieve. The 6 Assumptions of the Imogene King Theory of Goal Attainment Imogene King believed that people were influenced by their personal assumption about others and their environment.

This included nurses who were making assumptions based on their patients. By creating a specific set of assumptions for nurses to use, the theory of goal attainment looks to improve patient health and nurse satisfaction.

Kings theory of goal attainment in the clinical setting

These are the 6 assumptions made by this theory. The primary focus of the nursing industry is to care for all human beings.

Individuals or groups of individuals are supported by the goal of providing health care through nursing practices.

People are constantly interacting with their environment, including other people who are within that environment. Patients and nurses are consistently communicating with one another, allowing each to set goals and then act upon those goals.

A patient perceives their environment as a method of making transactions, either with others or with other things in their vision of being a complete person. Transactions which take place represent the situations in life that are encountered on a daily basis.

Through these assumptions, nurses can begin the process of taking action or reacting to situations that support the goal of providing good health to each person.

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There may be specific goals or problems that are shared by nurses or patients, but the theory of goal attainment provides the means to be able to explore how to achieve each goal.

The 8 Propositions of the Imogene King Theory of Goal Attainment There are 8 propositions that are made in the theory go goal attainment.

They are progressive propositions that help to promote, maintain, and restore health when they are implemented. Nurses can also use these propositions on their own as a method of caring for those who are injured, sick, or dealing with a terminal illness.

Here are the 8 propositions to consider.

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If there is accuracy present within the perceptual interactions between nurses and patients, then a transaction is going to occur. Once this transaction occurs, a goal can be achieved. When goals are achieved, satisfaction is experienced. When goals are achieved, it becomes possible to provide nursing care that is effective.

Development and growth are enhanced whenever a transaction occurs within the scope of a nurse and patient interaction. Transactions may also occur if the expectations or performance of each role as perceived by the nurse and the patient are congruent.A.

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King's conceptual system and theory of goal attainment provide a systematic approach to the thought and action of nursing that has stood the test of time with continuing utility for organizing the.

Imogene Kings () theory of Goal Attainment concentrates on how goals of the client are attained through the nurse-client transactions. Nursing goal is to attain, maintain, and regain a healthy state. Application of King's goal attainment theory in Japanese clinical setting.

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