Living abroad

October 23, Going Solo: We also see who attends our live-overseas conferences. And the numbers pretty accurately reflect demographics in the U. Plenty of singles live abroad already.

Living abroad

I was certainly caught off guard by the differences between reality and my expectations. Some of them are downright incredible.

Incredible Perks of Living Abroad 5. Living abroad Unique People with Amazing Stories. You might meet someone who has traveled nonstop for 20 years and has visited most of the countries on the planet.

You might find a local who has a unique life perspective that will alter your mind. The benefit Living abroad meeting unique people with amazing stories is that it expands what you believe is possible.

It opens you up to different ways of viewing the world and different ways of going through life. You never know which person might share the right story that dramatically alters the rest of your life.

Opportunity to Learn Another Language. However, you will still learn the subtle and not so subtle differences between the two versions of English.


Learning a second language is fun, challenging and even helps your brain grow. This alone can make moving abroad entirely worth it. Live a Longer Life…Sort Of. While there is no proof that living abroad will chronologically enhance the length of your life, there is evidence that it will alter your own perception of the length of your life.

The reason it feels like time is speeding up as we age is that the world becomes more familiar. The more familiar the world becomes, the less information your brains writes down, and the more quickly time seems to pass. This is especially true if you are going from any Western country to an Eastern country, or vice versa.

The food, smells, language and even popular colors are entirely different.

Living abroad

Your brain will be on overdrive recording every new vivid detail. As you continue to have new experiences in your new country, your own perspective of your life will lengthen. Your new memories will add up to a longer perception of your own life than if you monotonously repeated the same daily routine in your home country.

According to Michael over at Vsauce, time seems to pass slower when you have new experiences. When you are recording new memories, you perceive time to be passing slower than repeating the same experiences. Read this and this.

More experiences, more new memories, a longer perception of life. Obtain a Global Perspective. Not impossible, mind you, but damn close. You are within your own culture, political structure, value system, and so on.

Your perspective is inherently limited and filtered by your surroundings. You might discover that you were entirely wrong about some viewpoints.

Living abroad

It might be shocking. It might be difficult. But it will result in the number one incredible benefit of living abroad. As your perspective and values are challenged simply by living abroad, you will certainly grow as a person.

Life will be new, exciting and challenging.

Top 5 long-term benefits of living abroad- Fit across Cultures

It will not be all picturesque scenery and teaching adorable children English. Throughout all of these challenges and hardships, you will experience an undercurrent of consistent growth.

You can, in fact, eat strange parts of animals.While there’s drawbacks to living abroad, there are far more benefits. Some of them are downright incredible.

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