Motivation of rural women threw shg

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Motivation of rural women threw shg

Just a bird could not fly with its one wing only; a nation would not march forward if women were left behind. Entrepreneurship is breeded by self-employment and enhances economic growth of the country.

Small-scale entrepreneurship reduces the concentration of wealth in few hands and helps for achieving balanced economic growth of the nation. Women entrepreneurship is the process where women organize a business or industry and provide employment opportunities to others. Women entrepreneurs can engaged in both unorganized and organized sectors.

In India only 8 percent Motivation of rural women threw shg the small scale-manufacturing units are run exclusively by women entrepreneurs which is proportionately very small as compared to others developed and developing countries.

In USA about 50 percent of the business is owned by women.

Motivation of rural women threw shg

Entrepreneurship development of women through SHG: Hence, all involved group members of SHG must realize that they all work with their own individual strengths and weaknesses. No one should be blamed for ones weakness i. Self-help group can take a lead in any of the income generating activities by which group members can get employment and enhance their family socio-economic status.

The group provides a platform to women for income generation with co-operative and mutual helping attitude. What is self-help group: As the name indicates, self-help group is an informal group of about people from a homogeneous class, who come together for addressing their common problems.

Group itself becomes a base to convey necessities and sort out social economical problems of their group members. Main aim of SHG is to make group members self sufficient and self reliant [independent] by self-employment and empowerment through group dynamics.

As like this a group of people can easily sort out any of the problem, because group decisions carry more weightage than individual decision.

Characteristics of an ideal SHG: All the members should belong to the same socio-economic strata of society. Rotational leadership should be encouraged for the distribution of power and to provide leadership opportunities to all the members.

The procedure of decision-making in SHG should democratic in nature. The group frames rules and regulations, which are required in its effective functioning.

Transparency in account keeping and accounts should be maintained and updated regularly. An SHG should be socially viable institution. Role of Self Help Groups in empowering women: The self-help groups empower women and train them to take active part in the socio-economic progress of the nation and make them sensitized, self-made and self disciplined.

The SHGs have inculcated great confidence in the minds of rural women to succeed in their day-to-day life. SHGs enhance the quality of status of women as participants, decision makers and beneficiaries in the democratic, economic, social and cultural spheres of life.

The SHGs bring out the capacity of women in molding the community in right perspective and explore the initiative of women in taking the entrepreneurial ventures. SHGs also organize women to cope with immediate purposes depending on the situation and need.

Participation of women in SHGs makes a significant impact on the empowerment in social aspect also. Participation helps women come out in open and discuss their problems. It also helps to bring about aw2areness among rural women about savings, education, health, environment, cleanliness, family welfare, social forestry, etc.

Researches also reveal that increased participation of women in decision making at all level will help to adjust the goals pursued through development. Empowerment should be extremely induced so that women can exercise a level of autonomy.

More and more rural women need to be involved in self-employment.


Self-employment in agriculture, village and small industries and retail trade and services should be expanded. Self-employment is also conducive to the development of individual initiative and entrepreneurial talent and offers greater personal freedom. The added advantage is that the institution of family remains undisturbed.

The emergence of self-help groups in this context is a welcome development. The groups would provide a permanent forum for articulating their needs and contributing their perspectives to development.

Self Help Group is able to overcome most of the practical problems encountered in the implementation of the various income generating programmes for the economic empowerment of women.

SHGs have also been organized during last decade under various programmes of the government, e. The number of SHGs existing at present in the country is estimated to be about 2,60,A STUDY ON THE SOCIO – ECONOMIC CONDITIONS OF WOMEN SELF HELP GROUP (SHG) IN ANNERI PANCHAYAT IN TIRUPATTUR TALUK, VELLORE DISTRICT CHAPTER-I INTRODUCTION Self-Help Group (SHG) is a homogeneous group of poor, women, users etc.

Akbari was one of the first women to become a member of an SHG. She proudly exhibited her handiwork and also showed us the awards and appreciation letters that she had received. This interaction with the women, left us all very motivated to do something more.5/5(1). I have study entitled “ Women Empowerment and self help group ” was undertaken with the specific objective of annulling for examining the role of Self Help Groups in improving the empowerment of women.

Primary and secondary data were collected for the study. The most important one is women’s empowerment through SHG.

SHGs have. Entrepreneurship development among women, particularly among rural women, will strengthen the rural and national economy. Self-Help Groups (SHGs) SHG is a small group of rural poor, who have voluntarily come forward to form a group for improvement of the social and economic status of the members.

Motivation of Rural women threw SHG and Microfinance to become active entrepreneur and their empowerment. Author: Amita Gandhi Every development needs motivation, the development of entrepreneurship in rural areas especially among women, requires strong motivation.

As “the motivation is the technique Motivation can be anything that arouses an. Empowerment of Women Through SHGs: A Case Study of Warangal District 1st Stage: Out of 23 districts in the State, Warangal district is chosen mainly by convenience and on the criterion of over all development.

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