Psychology application paper

This short essay outlines my reasons for pursuing a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology from USF along with my experience and skill set as it relates to the program. Although slightly intimidating to start this essay and admissions process as a whole, it wasn't difficult to speak on something that comes from my heart. So in saying that, staying true to myself made the admissions process that much easier.

Psychology application paper

In your paper you are to apply a certain area of psychological theory or research e. For example, you might attempt to explain a real-life event in your life how you developed a fear of flying using principles of classical conditioning i.

You must turn in a draft of your paper by the due date listed in you course syllabus, and then turn in a revised version, based on the written feedback you receive on your draft, by the last day of class the last instruction day, not the day of the final exam!

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You must attach your original draft when you turn in your second, revised paper. Your paper grade will consist of the average of the points you receive for the draft 1 to 20 points and of points you receive for the final paper 1 to 20 points. Papers will be graded both on content and writing quality.

You should carefully read this sheet and work hard to avoid the listed writing problems. The goal is to describe the brain injury and its psychological and behavioral consequences. Incorporate findings of psychological research on the brain, its function, and the effects of injuries to parts of the brain such as language centers, the frontal lobe, the cerebellum, the right versus left hemisphere, etc.

My Experience with Psychological Medication: The goal here is to describe a personal experience with someone you know who has taken psychological medications.

Questions you could address: Was the psychological diagnosis appropriate? What the prescription appropriate? Did the drugs work? Did the drugs have unpleasant side effects?

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What was the outcome of the drug therapy — e. Is the person still on the medication? Was the drug therapy accompanied by other kinds of counseling and therapy? Relate your account to research and theory on the treatment of mental illness.

Psychology application paper

This paper should describe a strong fear or phobia you have. Analyze the origins of your fear and try to explain it in terms of classical conditioning.

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This paper should include a brief description of classical conditioning and the major terms used in classical conditioning e. Do you think classical conditioning provides a complete explanation for your fear? Does classical conditioning theory suggest ways you might reduce your fear?

The Relevance of Three Theories of Emotion. Describe your experience of anger and apply three theories of emotion to your experience: Which theory do you think best describes your experience of anger?

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How well do theories of emotion apply to this very intense emotion? Do any of these theories of emotion help you to understand better you own experience of anger?Application of Cross-Cultural Psychology Presentation Imagine that you are a consultant for an organization, and they want you to work on developing their core values.

The organization would like their core values to reflect key attributes of their culture. Select an organization, such as a company, community group, or nonprofit organization.

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Psychology application paper

Make a Gift. Find information on ways to give to Psychology. Department of Psychology. N Elliott Hall. 75 E River Rd. Minneapolis, MN Intranet. For Students, Faculty, and Staff. One Stop; My U. Free Psychology papers, essays, and research papers. The Critical Schools of Social Psychology - The critical schools of social psychology came about in response to a growing dissatisfaction with the scientific paradigm that had become entrenched in psychology in the first half of the twentieth century.

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The paper itself may take many forms. For example, it could be.

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