Sting energy drink

Some people can become tired even after the consumption of caffeine. Between milligrams to milligrams in a 24 hour period will probably lead to some of the more severe side effects. Use our caffeine calculator to find out how much caffeine in different energy drinks would be deadly. Sugar causes tooth decay Increases risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Sting energy drink

Sir Raheel Yousuf Submitted by: The information was gathered both by primary data collection method questionnaire distribution and secondary sources of information such as reports compiled on competitor brands, online platforms, magazines, newspapers and company website.

Please go through it and let us know if you require any reference or explanation regarding anything in this report. We would be glad to explain those and talk about our project and findings in detail. The brand turned out to be the second most popular product in the energy drink segment of Pakistan after Red Bull.

The primary reason being the strong distribution network of Pepsico supported by massive advertisement efforts on both BTL and ATL platforms. At the very beginning, a mobile van Sting Hammer Van used to stroll around, handing over people with free cans of Sting energy drink and collecting data and feedback from them.

Thus the brand did manage to make a jump start and penetrate the existing market in quite a short span of time. It also invigorates your taste buds with its refreshingly delicious flavour.

Sting has the kick of Caffeine, Ginseng and B Vitamins with amazingly refreshing flavours. Sting offers delicious flavour and is priced lesser than half of what Red Bull, the major competitor and market player in the segment, charges! So what sets Sting energy drink apart from the competitor is its taste, availability, price point, and the fact that it belongs to an international beverage giant, Pepsi Cola.

PepsiCo, seeing the gape that there was no brand available in the energy drink segment which tastes good and, at the same time, takes into consideration factors like purchasing power of mass consumers and product availability, came up with the idea of introducing a new brand in the form of Sting Energy Drink.

The brand thereafter has been exerting a lot of efforts to reach out to new, evolving consumers and penetrate the local market. There is, however, a negative perception associated with energy drinks among the general audience which this brand needs to overcome. Also, a typical consumer of Sting energy drink has a lot of other substitute products as an option, e.

Coffee, soft drinks and juices etc, so the only way it can be sure that consumers will stick around is by creating a distinctive need in their minds and separating itself from the clatter in terms both functional and psychological benefits. They try to portrait reality in their marketing campaign.

Sting energy drink

Sting hangs on the idea of grabbing its market by keeping the cost minimal as compared to other brands like Red Bull, Monster and Powerful etc. Youth is considered to be energetic, daring and electrifying which best suit for an energy drink brand.

Youngsters from usually use this energy drink too. As far as gender is concerned, Sting focuses more on young male class than female. Benefits We approach the benefit from two perspectives:Sting Energy Drink aims to provide hardworking individuals with energy to get them going through the day.

Sting energy drink

It sharpens the mind and body to endure taxing situations. Sting is a refreshing energy drink that gives you a positive kick. Sting Energy Drink is a carbonated energy drink from PepsiCo International. Sting is available in three flavours, such as original Gold Rush, Gold (with Ginseng), Power Pacq (Gold Rush with Malunggay), Power Lime (Kiwifruit/Lime) and Berry Blast (Strawberry). Carbonated Energy Drink. Energy Drink Side Effects.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks can have potential side effects if not consumed responsibly or as directed. But, for some people, there is no safe amount.

Because of the vast array of ingredients in Energy Drinks, it may make them more likely to produce . Sting Energy Drink topic. Sting Energy Drink is a carbonated energy drink from PepsiCo International.

Sting is available in three flavours, such as original Gold Rush, Gold (with Ginseng), Power Pacq (Gold Rush with Malunggay), Power Lime (Kiwifruit/Lime) and Berry Blast (Strawberry). Sting energy now in India - It is an energy drink with amazingly refreshing taste.

It contains caffeine, tourine and B-vitamins - they stimulates the mind and energizes the body. Customer Questions & Reviews: 3.

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