The conquistadores history in the letter of hernan cortes to charles v of spain

At the age of 14, he was sent to study Latin under an uncle in Salamanca. Modern historians have misconstrued this personal tutoring as time enrolled at the University of Salamanca. However, those two years at Salamancaplus his long period of training and experience as a notary, first in Valladolid and later in Hispaniolagave him knowledge of the legal codes of Castile that he applied to help justify his unauthorized conquest of Mexico. By this time, news of the exciting discoveries of Christopher Columbus in the New World was streaming back to Spain.

The conquistadores history in the letter of hernan cortes to charles v of spain

This second letter that Cortez wrote to King Charles describes his efforts to keep his men from deserting him and how he managed to divide and conquer the native tribes of Mexico, all in the name of Christianity and the for the King of Spain.

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While Cortez desired to obtain royal favor, he also truly desired to spread Christianity to the native peoples of Mexico. In this letter, that Cortez writes to the King it is obvious that he feels as if the weight of the fight and the journey is all upon him.

He laments to the King that his men wanted to leave him and abandon him. He claimed to be doing it for the spread of Christianity and for his king. Cortez was able to conquer and take control of ancient people in their own land. He was able to convince these people that they had brought the killing and torture of their own people upon themselves by not submitting to Christianity immediately.

Many people today commit acts in the name of their country and God that are unspeakable and intolerable. To this end, our world is much the same in this day and time in that religion and acquisition of lands drives our behavior in how we treat other peoples.The Fifth Letter of Hernan Cortes to the Emperor Charles V: Containing an Account of His Expedition to Honduras.

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Title: The fifth letter of Hernan Cortes to the Emperor Charles V: containing an account of his expedition to Honduras. Author: Hernán Cortés />Publisher: Gale. Primary Source Packet 1.

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Letter, Hernán Cortés This excerpt from Cortés’ Second Letter, written to Charles V in and first published in , is one of only two instances in .

Modern History Sourcebook: Hernan Cortés: from Second Letter to Charles V, IN ORDER, most potent Sire, to convey to your Majesty a just conception of the great extent of this noble city of Temixtitlan, and of the many rare and wonderful objects it contains; of the government and dominions of Moctezuma, the sovereign: of the religious.

The conquistadores history in the letter of hernan cortes to charles v of spain

Letter of Opposition to Relocation of National Archives for Black Women's History () Letter of Support for the Federal Records Act Amendments of for Historians Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age The History of the Americas The Conquest of Mexico Letters from Hernan Cortes Cortes Describes the Country.

In This Section. This article was intended mainly for the Emperor, but the details Cortés put into explaining the power of Aztecs would eventually be used to present the achievements of Cortés.

[1: Arkenberg, Cortés. "Hernan Cortés: From Second Letter to Charles V, " Internet History Sourcebooks. January 1, In June of , Cortés founded a Spanish city on the coast of mainland Mexico, and in July he sent his first letter to Charles V (along with a hefty supply of treasure).

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