The dangers of cyber terrorism essay

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The dangers of cyber terrorism essay

Advancing technology has posed great difficulties in assessing threats to national security. The most serious acts of violence via the internet are cyber-war and cyber-terrorism, which have raised concern with security agencies in the governments of most countries. This essay will focus on the essence of the governments to monitor network usage in order to reduce civil crime and acts of terrorism via the internet in support of national defense.

In addition, the essay will discuss the actions that national security agencies have taken in their efforts to curb the threats, as well as which specific networks they monitor. The productivity and social interaction of our society depend a great deal on this tool to foster relations and national development.

However, as internet usage is rapidly growing, it is becoming more and more difficult to evaluate its effects. This poses a danger to both individual privacy and to national security.

The dangers of cyber terrorism essay

Surveillance programs such as the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act CALEA have become important strategies to combat and prevent criminal activity through computer-based networks. With the rapid change and revolutions of technology, governments are finding it very easy to put any personal information of the public under close watch with programs such as CBS computers and biometric software and Total Information Awareness Programs TIAP.

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The efforts of the government to control threats to national security through the use of surveillance still receive much criticism from individual citizens. Individuals see these efforts as an invasion of their privacy and into the privacy of companies.

Although the government has the ability to monitor the usage of networks in an attempt to reduce risks before a security breach occurs, efforts to achieve this goal may still be fruitless Whitehead, These efforts are intended to prevent hacking and subsequent leaks of sensitive data in order to protect the privacy of individuals.

Vulnerability to threats such as cyber-terrorism and cyber war pose a great danger to national security While such cyber attacks are increasing, the government is making many efforts to monitor systems in the interest of national defense.

Statistics reveal that by March over This diversity of networks has posed many problems that are made worse by weak government policies. Because of this, there is a need for the government to come up with strong policies to aid in keeping national defense intact.

One form of cyber attacks that has threatened American society and its companies is cyber-terrorism. Cyber-terrorism has multiple definitions. The most narrow definitions describes it as the intentional use of computers and computer networks that causes damage to people, information, property, or even an intimidation by another government with an attempt to cause destruction or economic loss Matusitz, Cyber-terrorism has the potential to damage industrial leaders who wish to protect their products.

This is why most government and security agencies are motivated to combat the problems through the monitoring of all public networks. As opposed to cyber-terrorism, cyber-warfare is more political in nature and involves a specific threat aimed at attacking a financial institution or company, leading to financial loss.

Some of the latest reported victims of this type of cyber-attack were The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, and these types of threats are extending into the roots of the U. These two prominent U. S publications received a major loss due to a compromise by a Chinese news syndicate hacking their operations Szakmary, The kind of systems that control computer networks is becoming a major platform for cyber-terrorism, and indeed pose a threat to national security.

Consequently, the threat is increasing and leading to political instability, economic loss and even loss of life. Because of this, the government has put policies in place in an that allow it to monitor public networks in order to reveal the nature and source of similar attacks in support of national defense.Many more such examples you’ll find in paper analysis as well..

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The Dangers of Cyber-Terrorism Essay. Words 6 Pages. Show More. In the future, cyber crime will become the leading threat to the safety and security of the American people. Experts on cyber crime agree that cyber crime is an issue that needs to be focused on more in-depth because the wide-spread use of computers by the global economy has.

In the future, cyber crime will become the leading threat to the safety and security of the American people. Experts on cyber crime agree that cyber crime is an issue that needs to be focused on more in-depth because the wide-spread use of computers by the global economy has made the use of.

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