Typhoid research paper

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Typhoid research paper

Typhoid research paper

Typhoid Fever Every year approximately For most people in western society, not much is known about Typhoid, as it is a life-threatening disease found mainly in developing countries. Typhoid is a dangerous infectious disease caused by bacteria and can be spread from person to person, thus those in Western countries usually acquire the disease when travelling.

This essay will discuss certain issues relating to Typhoid, including its causes, symptoms and treatment as well as discussing whether a cure would be better than prevention and can this disease be prevented at all.

Typhoid is a common disease of developing countries and thus is not often found in industrialised countries such as the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and Japan. For example in the United States, which has a population Typhoid research paper about million people, on average, there are only reported cases of Typhoid a year.

Seventy percent of these cases result from international travel. Thus many people are educated about the causes and preventions of Typhoid before travelling to developing countries. Typhoid is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Salmonella Typhi, which only lives in humans.

Those with the disease carry the bacteria in their bloodstream and intestinal tract and some of those who recover may continue to carry the disease which can be passed on to others. Both ill persons and carriers shed S.

Typhoid vaccines are vaccines that prevent typhoid fever. Several types are widely available: typhoid conjugate vaccine (TCV), Ty21a (a live vaccine given by mouth) and Vi capsular polysaccharide vaccine (ViPS) (an injectable subunit vaccine). They are about 30 to 70% effective for the first two years depending on the specific vaccine in question. The Vi-rEPA vaccine has been shown to be. Research paper; Research Proposal; Reviews; Speech; Term Paper; Thesis; Samples; April 26th, ; Typhoid Mary. Typhoid Mary My overall reaction to this story is that it is saddening and presents a very complicated health issue. In this story, Mary’s treatment shows the kind of situation that occurs when there are no laws or regulations. Essay title: Typhoid Fever Every year approximately million people around the world are affected by the disease Typhoid, for some, resulting in death. For most people in western society, not much is known about Typhoid, as it is a life-threatening disease found mainly in developing countries/5(1).

Typhi in their faeces. The bacterium can be spread to a person if they eat food or drink beverages that have been handled by a person who is shedding S. It may also be caused by contaminated water, which becomes infected from sewerage.

Therefore, typhoid fever is more common in developing countries where hygiene is poor thus spreading the disease and allowing for water to become contaminated easily. Once the Typhoid bacterium enters the body, it multiplies and spreads to the bloodstream causing the onset of fever and other symptoms.

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The only way to truly diagnose Typhoid Fever is to have samples of human waste or blood tested for the presence of S. With so many symptoms which can be dangerous to a person, treatment must be administered early on in the disease. Typhoid is a life-threatening illness and thus when any symptoms of the disease show up, a person must always receive professional treatment from a doctor.

Typhoid is not like the common cold which can be cured through home treatment, and instead more than often requires the taking of antibiotics. Some common antibiotics used to treat Typhoid include ampicillin, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, and ciprofloxacin.

After the administration of antibiotics a patient may often feel better within one to two days. In other words, approximately 2. Of course a better thing to fight Typhoid with, is to prevent the disease in the first place.

Some ways that an individual can prevent the illness include avoiding risky food and drinks, keeping good hygiene and being vaccinated against the disease, mainly before travelling to developing countries.Typhoid Mary: Captive to the Public's Health [Judith Walzer Leavitt] on grupobittia.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

She was an Irish immigrant cook. Between and , she infected twenty-two New Yorkers with typhoid fever through her puddings and cakes; one of them died. Tracked down through epidemiological detective work.

Research Papers words ( pages) Typhoid Fever Essay - Typhoid Fever Typhoid fever is an intestinal illness, which can result in great suffering and even death. Typhoid vaccines position paper.

Position paper (March ) Original English and French versions; Background Paper to SAGE on Typhoid Vaccine Policy Recommendations. Witness Nechama: Yes.. A newspaper belonging to the Germans.

Typhoid research paper

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Typhoid Research Paper Typhoid Researcb Paper What is a typhoid? It is a type of fever that is a life threatening illness caused by bacterium salmonella typhi. It is estimated in America, that approximately 5, cases occur annually(CDC). A lot of cases up to 75% are gotten while people go travelling internationally.

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