What gets measured gets done

A sample of our recent advanced educational articles from Bioelements experts: Bespoke or Be Nothing: Yes - Custom Blending gives you the power to zero in on individual concerns like breakouts, wrinkles, capillaries, dehydration, and more, and gives you total control over the activity of treatments and take-home products. This level of customization, achieved with just a few drops of powerful Actives and Aromatherapist Oils, provides the personalized service your clients want, and will set your facials apart from any other.

What gets measured gets done

So the anodizing seems pretty tough. Carclo Operating voltage: One, or cell with matching tube Parasitic drain: Yes Power can be locked out by loosening the tailcap, or by entering a lock-out code on the button Reverse polarity protection is on the driver, but it might not protect the cell.

Turn on in the lowest mode. Now turns on at the last-used level instead of moon 2 fast clicks: Turn on in the highest mode. Ramp up from the lowest mode. Ramp up or down in last-used direction. Release and quickly hold again to change direction.

Shortcut to highest level. Now also can be used to go back from the highest level to whatever it was at before Other actions: Turn off completely, and lock out power.

Blinks out volts, pauses, then blinks out tenths of a volt. Light will run at highest level when the button is pressed, and will stay off otherwise. Enter 4 fast clicks again to exit.

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Thermal protection is on by default. Thermal config mode, added in v2. Hold the button until it gets to the action you want: Blinks out current temperature limit.

Release button to exit with no changes, or keep holding to continue. Release button to set temperature limit to maximum, or keep holding to continue. Light goes to turbo.

FMRI Gets Slap in the Face with a Dead Fish - Neuroskeptic

Hold button until the light feels hot enough, then let go to set a new temperature limit. Shows current driver temperature in C or something close to C, I think. From thermal readout mode: This driver also has low-voltage protection. It would be a good idea to change the battery within a few days, or unscrew the tube to cut power.

Here is the UI in diagram form: Firmware v2 is approved and now shipping. The UI has changed a little: Packaging The Emisar D4 comes in a simple but nicely padded cardboard box with foam cutouts to hold the light and O-rings.

The box could potentially get dented during shipping, but the light inside should be pretty safe. The shorty tube is sold separately.

Here are a few pictures of the D4 next to some other lights, for size reference: The shorty tube is pretty much the same, except shorter and dry.

The tail PCB is either press-fit or glued. There is no retaining ring. This makes the light smaller but harder to modify. I doubt the tailcap will need mods though.

The driver PCB is glued in.The great Green Bay Packers football coach Vince Lombardi once said “Perfection is not attainable, but, if we chase perfection, we can catch EXCELLENCE.” That is the core concept of Performance Driven Management: Continuous improvement and the measurement of that improvement.

I am sure you have heard of the saying. What Gets Measured, Gets Done 3 grupobittia.com 7/23/08 AM Page 3. 2 To drive program improvement and share information on effective practices with others. Performance measurement also drives program improvement and infor-mation sharing—what best practices are all about.

If your program is doing. Sharon, I have done the same exact thing. I’m the beginning, I was so nervous about leaving markers at the different centers (home preschool – “In my home” lol) and knowing that markets are so much easier for them at first. Many people are tempted to measure anything and everything as it might be important.

The thing is, by focusing on everything you are not really focusing on anything at all. Sharon, I have done the same exact thing. I’m the beginning, I was so nervous about leaving markers at the different centers (home preschool – “In my home” lol) .

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What gets measured gets done
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